The disease is a variety of Sildenafil pills. The larvae of the gastric gadfly migrate in the epidermis of the skin, making a course up to 30 cm long in a day.

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Larvae for a long time (up to 2-2.5 months) can migrate in the Malpighian (basal and spiny) layer of fildena pills, making a course 3-5 cm long (up to 30 cm) fildena 50mg per day. Migration is accompanied by severe itching, and its trace looks like a healing scratch, so the disease also has the names "creeping disease", "hairy" (see Skin myiasis).

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Treatment. the larva is removed from the course by opening its end with a needle or scalpel.

Occasionally, the larvae of the gastric gadfly parasitize in the human stomach. The mechanism of infection in these cases has not been established.


Gastrophiliasis of horses and donkeys is a gadfly disease caused by larvae of fildena gadflies, fam. Gastrophilidae. Horses are more often parasitized by four types of gadflies. Gastrophilus intestinalis (large gastric gadfly), G. vetorinus (intestinal gadfly), G. haemorrhoidalis (red-tailed gadfly, or weasel) and G. pecorum (eastern gadfly, or herbalist).


The disease is accompanied by severe and prolonged gastritis (see Intestinal myiasis). Female gastrointestinal gadflies lay 500-700 eggs on the hair of horses and donkeys, and females of the eastern gadfly can lay eggs outside the body of animals (on grass, hooves). After 1-2 weeks, small larvae of stage I emerge from the eggs.


Due to the movement of the larvae of these insects on the skin, animals experience itching. Horses scratch with their teeth and lick itchy places with their tongues, as a result, stage I larvae enter the mouth, and then into the stomach (intestine). The eggs of fildena pills cost, along with grass or hay, enter the mouth of the animals, and here the larvae hatch from the eggs and further migrate to the stomach.


In the stomach in the cranial part and at the beginning of the duodenum, the larvae attach to the mucous membrane. Through 9-. For 10 months, the larvae leave their places of parasitism and, together with feces, are thrown into the external environment. Only the larvae of the weasel after parasitizing in the stomach are additionally fixed for a short period at the end of the rectum (anus mucosa).

The larvae of gadflies that have fallen on the soil burrow into it and turn into a chrysalis.

Under favorable conditions, after 1-1.5 months. females and males emerge from the pupae. Mating of individuals of different sexes occurs in the air, and then the laying of eggs begins. Winged gadflies live 1-2 weeks. During the year, one generation of gastrophiles develops (Fig. 40).


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